Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year + Creative Framing Ideas!

Hope everyone has been having a great new year week! I know, it's kinda hard getting back into the swing of things this first week, right? For me, I like to ease back into things with a bit of self-reflection and inspiration. So I'm delighted to share some creative framing ideas a recent client sent me! She gave these as beautiful holiday gifts and I think they are just super cute and a fun way to show off the images! Check out a DIY retro frame below!

Here's a gorgeous red frame with classic beveled mat.
This elevates your images to a Fine Art level!

A whimsical frame with curved edges.
Makes a bold and creative statement!

Doesn't this wire frame looks like it's picked up from a vintage fair? This can actually be found at your local Target! To get this kitchy retro look, DIY: Get a can of spray paint from the hardware or art store- choose a fun color (like this beautiful teal) give it a nice coat or two and voila! DIY has never been easier! This frame is a work of art by itself!

And this frame with natural fibers pairs nicely with the beach themed pin-up. Wouldn't it bring the warm feeling of the tropics to any home? I can almost feel that cool breeze and hear the sound of rushing waves! Ahhhhh....that's where I want to be for my next vacation!

So hope you enjoyed these ideas! All the frames were purchased at Aaron Brothers except the teal one mentioned above. Other framing shops I recommend are Michael's and University Art. Remember that beautiful pin-ups deserve beautiful presentations and it can be both simple and affordable to customize your own framing! Stay tuned for some more Valentine's deals coming next week! xoxo Kelly


Amy Dunn said...

Hi, Kelly! I heard about you through Diana Manzanares, a fabulous makeup artist you and I both work with when we're in NYC. :)

Love your stuff! Your blogs are fun, too!

Amy Dunn

Kelly Hsiao Photography said...

HI Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind compliments! So nice to know you also work with Diana :-) I tried to check out your site but a warning sign appeared. You may want to look into it- this happened once to my website before and found it it was hacked.

Thanks again for the feedback and stay in touch!


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