Friday, September 14, 2012

Lady in Blue

Never judge a dress on it's hanger. That's my motto. I love it when clients bring in outfits that initially surprise me but end up photographing remarkably well for pin-ups. This lovely lady had a beautiful wrap dress but I wasn't sure at first how it would work with poses. Once she put it on, the royal blue just fit perfectly with her petite figure and it inspired us to do an "Elvgren" style shot. It ended up being one of my favorites! With the telephone and rose, it's such a classic! Let me know if you have an outfit you think would make a classic modern pin-up! And remember, never judge a dress until you try it on! xoxo Kelly

Hair & Make-up Styling by Emily Nguyen

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello September...

Though Labor Day may officially mark the end of summer, I'm grateful that here in CA, we get a little prolonged sunlight and warmth, the pleasure of enjoying a few more evening dinners outside, and maybe even some extra beach time...What we call an "Indian summer". So just before the fall leaves start flittering by, here's a lovely pin-up to commemorate the last days of summer...for just a little while longer. :-) Enjoy! xoxo Kelly 

Hair & Make-Up Styling by Ann Ho